Who are we?

Students and teens often have a hard time finding opportunities for volunteering outside of clubs like Key Club or Red Cross, even without a global shutdown. The idea of frontdesk changes this. With a clean, intuitive UI and a promise to keep teens involved in their community through thick and thin, we aim to be the solution to this problem. By teens, for teens.

Future Steps

Our goal is to bring front desk to the world and help provide opportunities for teens all around the country and even the globe. We want to make networking easy, fun, and more stress-free.

Future Steps: Software and Coding

We want to make frontdesk more accessible to teens by getting it on the web with ease-of-access tools such as refined searches, automated entry systems, and a log-in page with a developed back-end. We can also bring frontdesk to the app store in the future and provide on-the-go support for teens everwhere.